About who we are…. Facts / Frequently Asked Questions & Requests

Welcome to Bands N Bottoms by Phoenix Unlimited!

Due to the existing effects of the COVID-19 we are unable to provide refunds, exchanges, or returns on any merchandise. Expedited shipping is also not available. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

We are an ecommerce site that designs custom embroidery designs, sell designs, and builds custom digitized logo’s, you name it. We started as a simple store based out of Canton, Ohio sewing soft, comfortable headbands and bikini’s. Our love for embroidery started years ago with a little machine and grew with inspiration and time. We enjoy creating designs and taking requests. Our love of design continues to grow with developing new techniques.

Continue to check back and see what all we have and request anything from logos to colorful designs and ideas we may not carry. We can customize many, many items. If you don’t see it, ask away with our “request page” or send us a line through our email. We enjoy receiving feedback and continuing to provide colorful new designs that involve our customers. Check us out on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have a question? Browse our FAQ below to see if we can answer any now. If you are still skeptical, send us an email or contact us. We are always happy to answer your questions.

What does our store provide?

Bands N Bottoms provides digital and hand embroidery, headbands, décor, clothing items, and bead work. We create our own digitized designs and carry others that have been in our collection. We will not sell the digitization or design from another store. We will state if any embroidery image is not our own. But, we will customize a design for our customers. If a jpeg or picture sent to us is a registered copywrite, we will not digitize the image unless your company owns the rights. Permission is a must!

Can I register for an account?

Yes, you can register with us to received weekly email updates and specials. Fill out the form and send us a line. We do not sell information and will keep your information private. Any designs you purchase will be listed if you need to download them at a later time. You can download patterns as many times as needed. We know sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes you can’t find that one pattern you know you have. Just download it again, it’s yours.

What if I forgot my login/ password info?

Just click “forgot password” or “forgot username”. The page will lead the way. If this does not work, contact us!

How to order?

Create an account. Once you create an account you can check out. Digital designs can be downloaded immediately. Physical items will be shipped to you separately. Just go to your cart and click check out, follow the prompts and you are on your way.

How do I pay?

We provide a few different ways to pay. You can use PayPal checkout, Amazon, and Square which accepts all major credit cards. Just follow the page and it will lead the way. Have more questions, send us a line.

Items Available

Do you have free designs?

Yes, we have a page of free designs you can try out! If you don’t see something, request it! It may be on the list and may downloaded to our free design page. Keep an eye out and register for our newsletter.

Are you available through social media?

Yes, we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out our pages and “Like Us”. We enjoy interacting with our customers.

Do you still make Bikinis?

Yes, we still make custom bikinis. We can even add embroidery and beadwork to these items. When requesting a bikini, be sure to state size, and any design ideas.

Do you customize Headbands?

Yes, we can customize headbands by size, with embroidery, and take additional requests. Just send us a line!

What about the Beads?

We do some custom beadwork, but our beadwork does take time depending on the request. As always, send us a request and we will be happy to work with you!

We have bracelets, earrings, and the classic 80’s “Friendship” beaded pins for shoe laces and back packs.

Embroidery Questions

Which embroidery formats do you support?

We support many different digital embroidery machines. If you are unsure, you can download one of our free designs or contact us. Further information about your machine is listed in your owner’s manual. Or you can contact your dealer or local craft store that sells embroidery software and machines.

Examples embroidery machines and formats are listed below:

BabyLock  PES
Bernina  ART
Brother  PES, DST
Elna  SEW, JEF
Husquvarna  VIP, HUS, DST, VP3
Janome  JEF, DST, SEW
Pfaff  PCS, VIP
Singer  XXX
Tajima/ Toyota   DST
White   PES

Any designs you ordered will be listed in your order history for you to download. If you choose the wrong format use the drop-down box to upload the correct format. Problems contact us, we will be happy to help.

What if I want a basic hand embroidery design?

When you find a design you like, use the drop-down box for the design and click PDF. The PDF will provide you with the design you can stitch once your purchase is complete. Just print out the design and color sheet and you are all set!

I downloaded the same design, what do I do?

We have provided safeguards against an accidental download, but if this happens, for example due to the size of the design chosen, contact us and we will provide a refund. If you purchase the wrong format, contact us and we will provide you with the design you need at no additional charge. We want you to be happy, so you need the correct design!

Design Usage

How can I use Bands N Bottoms by Phoenix Unlimited designs?

Design files downloaded can be used for private use only. If you stitch out a design and sell it, no problem, but do not use the digital file for resale. The file is yours to keep but cannot be sold or distributed. We reserve the rights to all our digital files, which includes requests and logo’s as well. Designs we carry that are not ours are not sold for download. These extra designs are made to use on products for physical purchase and are shipped separately. These extra designs are not available for digital download, but we will tell you where they are from! Everyone deserves their credit for work well done!

Where is the color change sheet?

All digital files may be skewed when downloaded depending on the machine format and the machine you use. You can change these colors easily using your software. A color change sheet is available to view and print using the “thread list” on the design page.

Can designs be resized?

We do not recommend resizing designs. This can cause stitches to be jammed together or too far apart causing the look and feel to be distorted. Stitch counts do not change when designs formatted are resized, therefore your designs will have the same number of stitches in either a small space or larger space hence the distortion of the entire project. If resizing, try to not go more than 10 percent larger or smaller due to this density issue.

Can designs be resized through request?

Yes! Contact us through our “request page” and we will be happy to provide a smaller design.

But, keep in mind try splitting the project up with your software. This may solve the problem. If not, contact us. We do not split projects.


What type of requests do you take?

We take all kinds of requests! We do a lot of logo work and enjoy receiving different ideas! The bigger the request, for example, portraits, take more time. But, we are up to the challenge and love receiving new and exciting ideas from our customers!

Do you do custom digitizing?

Yes! We enjoy digitizing and graphic design. Send us a request with your idea. Fill in the “request” page with your design info. For example,

Design size ·  Dimensions: width, length, height
Colors ·  Pick color choices, especially for logo’s which help the logo stand out; company colors; color change sheet or if submitting a jpeg or image. We can also follow the colors to the image as closely as possible.
Type of fabric it will be applied to ·   All fabrics are not created equal. This helps gauge density.
Expected ·   The time frame the design is needed.
Total needed ·   This pertains to logo’s if using our clothing items unless more logos are needed for different business needs or areas.
·  Digital designs are provided through download.
Design Format ·    Last but most importantly- let us know the format you need if you would like the design for download;


Do you ship items?

We ship physical goods within 24 hours. Shipping rates are listed and provided at checkout. Digital items are available for download after checkout is complete.