Working Hard

Starting a website is a large undertaking especially in WordPress. Yes, there are a lot of people that know more about this than us, but we love a good challenge!
This website is slowly evolving and is so much fun!

Mythical Unicorn embroidery designs
Mythical Unicorn embroidery designs

But, we have been working hard to make the site easy to access and use. That being said, there are a ton of designs to be uploaded and this takes a great amount of time since each embroidery file has multiple formats. So please, be patient as we add more and more designs.

Furthermore, we also work on logo digitizing and special requests. This also takes time away from working online. For this reason, we added a page for your questions and comments. You can request designs easily by downloading a file. Please feel free to use this feature.

Click here to contact us!

american city scape
american flag cityscape embroidery

We are always here….and will continue working to provide exciting updates!

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